Trying to Put some Weight On

Health Update: I’m not making much progress at increasing my food intake via mouth: It’s just too painful to eat or drink very much. However,  I’m getting fed via the J-Tube 20 or more hours a day, and that seems to be having the desired effect. I’ve put on at least two pounds, but am still down more than 20 pounds from my pre-treatment weight.

Natalie & Rick Update: Natalie has been here more than two weeks now. We’re trying to find an apartment for her for a few months, but all the rental agents want to lock people in for a year. We’re looking at sub-letting, but haven’t found a good match yet. She is working madly on writing a group of books about the four months she just spent in St. Thomas! Rick is scheduled for double hip-replacement surgery in June, so will be laid-up for some time.

Brian & Angela Update: They are still spending as much time as they can whipping their 1915 Miner’s shack into shape! Brian is rooting-big for the Pittsburgh Penguins. We lived in Pittsburgh when the Pens won the Stanley Cup in ’91-’92. Natalie, Brian and I each got to hoist the Stanley Cup, compliments of my fellow girls’ soccer team coach Bill Strong, who was the Executive Producer of the Penguins at the time!

Doug with Stanley Cup

Me hoisting the Stanley Cup in 1991!