The Mayo Clinic Wins Hands-Down!

Unfortunately, the weather was not compatible with my plan to use to fly Jen and me to Rochester in a single-engine plane. We had to stand-down from that plan on Saturday night. My older brother Bill offered to pay for commercial flights instead. Thanks, Bro!

Unfortunately, our trip to Rochester Sunday evening ended-up taking 11 hours due to bad weather; we did not arrive at our airbnb until 2¬†AM! The flight back was no better, due to mechanical problems with the plane out of Rochester; we didn’t get back home until 1 AM!

In between: Wow! We spent two days at the Mayo Clinic – what an operation! What a well-organized and efficient hospital system! They perform three times as many Esophagectomies per year as UC Healthin fact, the most in the country! One surgeon can do the entire operation himself in only six hours. They have extensive experience resolving every type of complication imaginable.

So: I’m scheduled to have Dr. Mark Allen perform my surgery at the Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus on May 24th!

Also: There is an extensive pedestrian “Subway” below the whole campus; you can get anywhere you need to without going outside. But hold onto your wallet: There are scores or world-class shops in the Subway, selling fabulous¬†objets d’art from around the globe!

The Publican

Dinner at The Publican at O’Hare Airport on our trip home.