Many Thanks to Bill Strong, my Mentor!

The reason I knew Bill Strong was because his daughter Nellie was best-friends with Natalie at Sewickley Elementary School. I didn’t have any sisters, so essentially had no clue how best to interact with Natalie. Bill solved that by setting us up as the Mohawk Tribe of the Indian Princesses program at the Sewickley YMCA:



The Mohawk Tribe: Bill/Nellie 2nd from left, Doug/Natalie at far right.


The tribe around the fireplace at Camp Kon-O-Kwee.

But that was just the start: Bill signed me up to coach our girls’ soccer team, with Bill and Clark Luster as co-coaches! On top of that, the girls joined a choral group and performed periodically in concert! Suddenly, I was a Super-Dad having a great time with the girls, and with the other “Captains of Industry”.

Oh, and Bill did occasionally give us free tickets to Penguins games! Did I mention that our last year in Sewickley, we lived less than a mile from Mario Lemieux, who was a superstar then, and who now owns the team franchise!


Mario in 2005, his last season as a player.