Rick arrived today!

Readers should recall that my daughter Natalie lived in St. Thomas the first four months of this year. Rick owned the Latitude 18 bar there, and a sailboat that Natalie often stayed on. They fell in love and got engaged; Rick sold the business and the sailboat, opting instead to buy a “land yacht”: A 35′ RV. He drove it up here from Florida, arriving just in time for dinner on our screened-in porch:


Here’s his new rig:


And here’s the happy couple with Rick’s two dogs:


Jen and I took a tour of it; it’s very nice, with two slide-outs. We’re very happy to finally meet Rick in person!


Life of Natalie & St. Rick: April 23rd, 2017

After an extended hiatus, it’s back to Natalie! Here she is enjoying her last afternoon (at least for now) in St. Thomas:

Last Day on St Thomas

Paddle tennis, anyone?

I’ve been keeping a secret for a while now; here it is: Rick asked Natalie to marry him, and Natalie accepted! Tonight they are celebrating their last romantic night together for a while, having dinner at my expense!

The First Course

The First Course at the Smoking Rooster BBQ!

Natalie at Dinner Apr 23rd

Natalie bought 15 raffle tickets for “mini” Fender Strats!

Natalie and Rick

The newly-engaged Happy Couple!

Natalie is flying to Chicago tomorrow, where she will spend the night in the room she sub-lets from her high-school friend Dan! Tuesday morning, her college friend Brynne will pick her up and drive her to Cincinnati. We expect that Dan will also come along for the (5-hour) ride.

Dan having a drink

Dan having one too many!

Brynne with Newborn baby

Brynne with her newborn: Harriet (Hattie) Lin Hovde: born 2/11/17; 7 lbs., 2 oz.

Health Update: The good news is that I had a J-Type feeding tube surgically installed on Friday. Here I am enjoying the proceedings:

Doug ready for J Tube

Lights Out, please!

The bad news is that I’ve not yet received any “orders” to be fed anything! Hopefully, I’ll start receiving large quantities of real nutrition tomorrow, and will start putting back on some of the 20 pounds I’ve lost!

Next week: CT scan Monday, PET Scan Tuesday, meet with UC Health doctors Wednesday!