Trip Report

Our visit to the Mayo Clinic on Thusday and Friday went generally well, although it was hectic at times making all the appointments.

The chest x-ray showed no leaking, so they’ve doubled the amount of fat that I can take in on a daily basis. That should help me begin to put on weight.

The lymphadema  seems to be fully resolved. The only issue is that the gall bladder cannot be removed laparoscopically because of scar tissue, so we will have to figure out how to deal with that when the time comes.

We are back home now and the weather here is beautiful!  Jay and Kathy Freeman have invited me to be a guest in their canoe tomorrow on the Little Miami River!





I’m sorry that I’ve gone a week or more without updating the blog. I have continued to struggle getting enough nutrition onboard day to day. I’ve lost some more weight, and haven’t been feeling too chipper.

On the plus side, PT has been going well, and I am able to walk reasonable distances without any walker or poles at this point. We are headed back to the Mayo Clinic this Thursday and Friday for post-op check ups. I’ll provide an update Saturday when we get back.

Rick arrived today!

Readers should recall that my daughter Natalie lived in St. Thomas the first four months of this year. Rick owned the Latitude 18 bar there, and a sailboat that Natalie often stayed on. They fell in love and got engaged; Rick sold the business and the sailboat, opting instead to buy a “land yacht”: A 35′ RV. He drove it up here from Florida, arriving just in time for dinner on our screened-in porch:


Here’s his new rig:


And here’s the happy couple with Rick’s two dogs:


Jen and I took a tour of it; it’s very nice, with two slide-outs. We’re very happy to finally meet Rick in person!


I have been back home three days now, and it’s going pretty well. I’m getting around on hiking poles as well as using the walker for longer distances.  I’m doing a lot better nutritionally, as the home-cooked food is kicking in and we’re upping the calorie and protein count daily.

I’ve been too tired to make the usual sort of blog posts, but I expect that to change soon. I’ll get back to some of my storytelling and include more pictures.

It’s going to be a long road getting back into shape. I should be starting some outpatient PT in the next day or two.  Meanwhile, Jen has me working some light weights and stretchy bands!

Leaving Rochester

As the Rochester chapter of my journey comes to a close, I am grateful for the excellent care at the Mayo. Dr Allen and his team did a great job and were on top of all the issues that came along after surgery. I knew complications were  possible but I never thought my hospital course would be this long.  There were so many wonderful nurses, therapists, assistants and consultants addressing every facet of my health. It is obvious to me that the Mayo is top notch for health care and a great place to work.

Thank you everyone for your support through keeping up with my blog, emailing and sending cards and most of all the endless good thoughts and wishes during this long and difficult journey.

Thanks especially to my wife and nurse Jen, who has hung in here the entire time!


 Going for a hike with therapist Paul

Heading home Friday

I have been in rehab several days now. The PT and OT are progressing nicely, but I’m still having trouble getting enough nourishment: The food is very unappetizing.

The last of my stitches were removed today. We now have a definitive departure date of Friday. I’ll be lying in the backseat of our 4Runner for the trip home.