Definitely Turned the Corner this Time

The lymph angiogram which was done on Monday was an 8 hour ptocedure that left Doug wiped out for 2 days. The radiologist found the leak and successfully plugged it. The chest tube drainage decreased immediately and yesterday the last tube was removed. However, he has had right abdominal pain since then and we learned yesterday that his gall bladder was full of sludge.  A biliary tube was inserted today to drain the bile and relieve the pressure. I know what you are thinking 1. Can anything else possibly go wrong and 2. Maybe we should rent for a year and register to vote in Minnesota.

Doug can have clear liquids tonight ( isn’t beer a clear liquid?) and then progress to a more substantial diet, like guacamole and margaritas😉.

That’s it for now,





6 thoughts on “Definitely Turned the Corner this Time

  1. Doug; You definitely hold the Sierra Club record for medical issues. I am so sorry you have to go thru these additional problems, but at least they have been diagnosed and corrected. I sincerely hope this ordeal is over soon and you can finally go home and mend. We miss you.
    Jen; your last post seems to indicate that you are ready for the margueritas.
    If Doug can’t have them yet, then you should. You have earned them.
    All the best to both of you.

    • Soooo happy to hear a good positive report. Doug, you are one strong dude and Jen you are the saint I always knew you were. Wish you were not so far away. We could tuck Doug in and go have a Marguerite( I myself will have a Vodka tonic). Patience is now what you need. Hope you get to think about going home soon. Prayers and lots of love coming to two amazing people….. Eleanor. I just keep clicking on things hoping you are getting my messages..

    • Thanks, Alvin. I don’t like Margaritas so I eat dougnuts ( found a wonderful bakery)instead. Doug says, ” thanks for kind words and thoughts. And for holding down the fort while I’m gone.”

  2. I wish there was something I could do for the two of you. All I can offer is hope. My grandson was diagnose with leukemia at age four. That was two and half years ago. We lived in the hospital for six months. He is great now. He still has six months of chemotherapy and steroids left. All of this has left him a good two years behind his friends in physical growth. He has a hard time running and climbing. Of course Luke goes to physical therapy twice a week. It has been a very long two and half years. This weekend Luke spent Saturday with a friend of my daughters who is a rock climber. At four p.m. Luke climbed a 30 foot wall. We all cheered,laughed and cried!!!!! My prayer for you each night is that you live a long life and have many grandchildren. Terry

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