Two steps forward, one step back

Doug is making good progress with walking, transfers and exercising. And he is gradually eating more. However, his chest tube continues to have high output. The doctors have suspected a chylothorax but 2 tests have been inconclusive. In short, the lymph fluid and lipids from the small intestine travel through the lymph system to the thoracic duct to a large vein near the heart. That duct could have been injured during surgery and caused a leak that enters the pleural space where the chest tube sits. So he is NPO ( nothing by mouth) to see if the drainage slows down. Monday a lymphangiogram will be done to determine if there is a leak.

It’s discouraging. Doug needs to eat in order to have the energy to exercise. It’s hard keeping our spirits up.


4 thoughts on “Two steps forward, one step back

  1. It’s a long road for sure…I wish i had something to lift your spirits…oh wait! …I do!..some really intelligent funny movies I would recommend…they are both starring Lake Bell a hilarious female actor and writer…Check them out…it can take your mind off stuff for a while …”In a World..” and “Man up”…hope you will have a good laugh…still sending healing thoughts…Mariann…

    PS: Just got off the the road aft a 16 day trip…

      • Just got off the Road again after a 4 day resupply mission at home…then I was off to KY…Home for a Day today< June 29th, then up to Lake MI for Sprandel"s trip…Hope you had a chance to see those Movies with Jen…I'm back to following you as I was out of communique and WIFI….I will look at your older posts to see what I missed…I hope it was all good…Have a laugh each day…it's rejuvenating…


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