One tube gone, 4 to go

Doug in pulmonary rehab

Two weeks ago today, Doug had his esophagectomy. The days fly by for me. For Doug they are filled with nurses coming and going, shift changes, vital signs, emptying drains, giving IV medications, hooking and unhooking the endless tangle of tubes and wires. Taking a morning shower is a huge effort and leaves him exhausted. Then there is transferring from bed to chair, from chair to stretcher, then back to bed for a while to rest before he goes to pulmonary rehab. But he is making progress!

Drainage from the left chest tube was minimal over night so the tube was removed today. That leaves 2 chest tubes on the right, a urinary catheter and the nasogastric tube.

The right lateral chest incision is healing nicely. The abdominal incision will take time to close on it’s own.



One thought on “One tube gone, 4 to go

  1. Now that’s real progress.. keep up the healing …thinking about you and Doug almost being here on the Eastern Shore… Maryland…it’s a great trip .. Robert said he might lead us again out here… love getting updates, although not always able to respond due to unreliable WiFi…
    keep on healing… love, mariann

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