Day 4, 3 AM: My Tiny World

I am going stir-crazy.  I’m attached to a bunch of  equipment 24 x 7.  I cannot take anything by mouth. Movement is extremely restricted. I need to take a walk, but the nurses that are on break for another 20 minutes.

I am in a reclining chair  almost 24 hours a day.  This is getting to be very hard to take.

4 AM Update: Nurse Andrea  return from break early and took me for a short walk.  He realized we had forgotten to take the melatonin, so she gave me some of that. Hopefully, that will help calm me down.  She also gave me some Lavender Essential Oil; that seems to help some as well.

5 AM Update: I also played the meditation channel from Pandora One. I’m feeling much better now!


3 thoughts on “Day 4, 3 AM: My Tiny World

  1. Hi Doug; seems like the surgeons are great there, but hospital staff don’t want
    anyone too comfortable, or we won’t want to leave. LOL.
    Last May while in Bethesda North, I was woken up at 4am for my weight,
    then 5am for bloods, and woke me up for breakfast at 6:30; then took the tray
    away while I was still sleeping and too tired to eat.
    Then in the rehab for a week, they had a bed movement monitor with a loud
    alarm. I got up once to urinate, and woke up the entire floor and almost
    went into tachycardia. Well, after a “rain dance”, the therapist finally agreed
    to shut off the alarm. It was sensitive to even moving in bed.
    Anyway, stay on the recuperation path and you should be back home soon.

    We all miss ya. 😀💊🙁😀💊🙁😀 🚘🚘(sorry, I don’t have yellow emojis)

  2. Remember your Mantra from your TEAM: DOUGstrong…we can change it to: DOUGpatience…if you like…
    it’s early in recovery…and impatience is a good feeling at this stage…meaning… it’s telling you…you are ready to move forward… pace yourself and be realistc at this stage…you will get where you want to be… mariann..

  3. Hi, Doug (and Jen) – So glad surgery went well! Recuperation/recovery sounds as though it’s on target as painful/annoying/impatience-provoking as that may be. Bill and I keep each other up-to-date, looking forward to your return to Cincinnati. Carol

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