Day 2 After Surgery

The surgery went very well – faster than expected. However, that first night I was wracked with pain, and got no sleep.

However, Day 1 was amazingly better. Adjustments were made to pain meds, and I actually had an excellent day: Five walks! Natalie and Brian came to my room to watch Game 7 of the Penguins-Capitals series. What a fantastic game! Action-packed all the way, the Pens won in the second overtime period!

I was able to get several hours of sleep in the reclining chair in my room.

Today I had four walks, and worked-out with a Pulmonary Rehab therapist.

Here I am relaxing at 8 p.m.:


9 thoughts on “Day 2 After Surgery

  1. Hey Doug!…looks like a success!…congratulations we’ll be sending good vibes your way!…give Jen our best!…Greg and Barb

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