The J-Tube Feedings have begun!

It took three days to get a J-Tube surgically installed. It took another seven days of administrative gobbledygook to get the feedings approved, orders entered, supplies delivered, and nurse scheduled. Last night I got hooked-up for the first time:

Doug 1st J-Tube Feeding


I need to be hooked-up to this thing 20 hours per day. I need to find a better way of routing the tube! The food gets fed directly into the small intestine.

Health Update: We are still finalizing flight arrangements to/from the Mayo Clinic on Monday. It appears that all the pieces are falling into place for that to happen! Hurrah for! At this point, I’m leaning heavily towards getting the surgery done at the Mayo Clinic, even though there will be substantial non-covered costs for travel and living expenses. We are researching how to keep those costs to a minimum.


4 thoughts on “The J-Tube Feedings have begun!

  1. White light is pouring your way…The feedings should make you stronger although you look like a happy Doug considering all you went through…keep us posted…and maybe you can explain the surgery you will have…you might have in a previous post –just tell me if you have, and I’ll look it up.
    thinking of you ….Mariann.

    • Thanks for sending the white light! I’ll do a post soon that describes the procedure that Mayo will use, which is somewhat different than what UC Health proposed.

  2. Hey Doug! I feel badly that I am just now catching up on your blog, but wow… so much has happened since your initial diagnosis! I’m so sorry for all the pain, treatments and the woes of navigating the healthcare system, but so impressed with how you are discovering untapped parts of yourself and sharing your thoughts, dreams and experiences with us all. I especially appreciate the effort you make to share non-cancer related topics. After all, life is for the living and you, my friend, are still living. And based on your recent J-tube surgery, hopefully getting the nutrition you need!

    I may not be in touch very often, but please know that you and Jenny are constantly in my thoughts. Love… Leslie

    P.S. Congratulations to Natalie on her engagement and Brian on the house. Woo-hoo!

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