Scans all good; Surgery May 18th?

Apparently, my idea of “wait and see” turns out to be more like “wait and die soon”: The cancer will likely have metasticised to Stage IV before we detect anything!

Jen and I met with the UC Health surgeons and support team members today. The CT and PET scans both looked great. They have decided to change to the Trans-Hiatal esophagectomy approach: This will require one Mid-Line Abdominal Incision and one Neck Incision. Surgery at UC Health is scheduled for May 18th – assuming we “hold the Mayo”.

We are also flying to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN on Monday, May 1st for a second opinion. We will be flying in a single-engine private plane from the Clermont County Airport. The exact itinerary is TBD based on expected weather conditions. We will be flying free of charge courtesy of! We will of course make a substantial donation to support their program!

April 26th is also Brian’s 38th birthday! Here’s how he described it in an email to family:

Angela and are watching Stanley Cup hockey at the local watering hole here in Roslyn after a long day of working on the new house.  Already we know a couple locals who frequent the place. I was asked if I wanted a birthday beer and this was what was delivered:

Brian Birthday Beer

Down the Hatch!

I’m not sure how I’ll get through it before it gets warm.  Anyhow, we spent much of the day investigating how to repair the siding. It turns-out that old growth cedar planks in the particular shape we are looking at have not been available for 50+ years.  When I took a sample in to the lumber store I was met with some skepticism.  My original thought has been to fake it with plywood or something more available, and then caulk and paint to seal it up and have a uniform look.   But as we got more of the asbestos tile removed, the old company miners’ shack that this house was started to emerge – it’s kind of heartbreaking to think of painting over it.  However, we need to seal it up because it’s drafty!

Brian with Tyvek.JPG

Angela removing aluminum siding and Tyvek!

Most of the original panel is in great shape; it has the dark color typical of the treatment given to old wooden houses in this area.  It’s a look that really defines Roslyn, and very difficult to duplicate with materials available today.  We’ve started to investigate ways to restore the original look, possibly by taking panels from the eaves for the repairs we’ll need and then installing cedar shakes over plywood up there.

Angela on back porch

Angela (on porch) celebrates completion of the back wall!

In the meantime, we took my buddy’s truck into Ellensburg and got some fruit trees to populate our otherwise sparse yard.   Hopefully, in a few years we’ll have apricots and apples!  That’s my update for now, we’re pretty stoked!



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