Life of Brian & Angela: April 19, 2017

Wednesday was Demolition Day for his new home at 531 3rd St. in Ronald, Washington!

Brian in Lab Coat

Brian suited-up for Action!

What was under the old linoleum floors and the crappy carpeting? SOLID PINE FLOORS!

What was under the ’60s-style cheapo paneling? DRYWALL. What was under the Drywall? SOLID KNOTTY-PINE (PROBABLY TONGUE-IN-GROOVE)!

What was under the aluminum siding and Tyvek sheeting? Thin, cement-type siding shingles. What was under those? Solid pine siding, most of it in good condition!

It turns out the the house next door was an identical twin to theirs, and it’s still in original condition. So, they can see exactly what needs to be done!

They met the neighbors, and everyone seems very nice. They downed a few beers while watching the hockey game at the local bar, meeting most of the town!

Here are two views from their “commute” to Seattle through Snoqualmie Pass:

In short: They are ecstatic!

Health Update: My surgery yesterday to insert a J-Tube into my small intestine was successful! We are still awaiting “Orders” regarding when and how to start feeding me with what! We may not be able to start utilizing it until Monday. After that, I should start putting on weight (I’m  still down 20 pounds).

Monday: CT Scans at Jewish Hospital
Tuesday: PET Scan at Jewish Hospital
Wednesday: Meet with UC Health surgeons in West Chester
May 1st: Meet with surgeons at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN
May 3rd: Choose between UC Health or Mayo Clinic, and get the surgery scheduled!

Update on my Petition to Ivanka Trump: Today is Earth Day 2017, and as planned, I have declared a victory of sorts that 299 courageous people signed my Petition to Ivanka Trump!

A large Iceberg off Newfoundland

Newfoundland: Would you like some extra ice in your coastline?


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