The Jose Family Trust Closed on a House today in Ronald, Washington!

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working this deal for several weeks now, and today we finally closed on it! We’ve bought a one-bedroom rental property two hours east of Seattle:

Brian and Angela will be renting it from us, and living there on the weekends. Brian wanted to buy the house himself, but was unable to obtain a mortgage due to the poor condition of the exterior (no one would have given anyone a mortgage on it). So, we worked the financing another way, but it is essentially their house to fix up and remodel. Brian believes that he can easily open-up the attic and put in two loft bedrooms, making it a three-bedroom house. The house is heated by wood-burning stove, and wood is plentiful and cheap out there.

Once I recover from surgery, Jen and I plan to haul our Casita travel trailer out there for a few weeks to help them set up their new home.

Once I’m strong enough to sea kayak, hiking, or maybe even backpack, we’ll be inviting our buddies out there to share in the fun!

Health Update: We’re trying lots of things to help me get stronger:

Starting two nights ago, I’m getting 12 hours of nutritional IV though my Power Port every night.

On Friday, I will get a Jejunal Tube surgically implanted. Once that is done, I’ll be able to get serious amounts of nutrition fed directly into my small intestine! The procedure will also allow for a good examination of the tumor area.

On Monday, I will get CT Scans of the esophagus and stomach.

On Tuesday, I will get another PET Scan of the liver and lungs (to tell if there is any cancer detected there).

On Wednesday, we will meet with both surgeons for the first time, and discuss surgical options and timing.




4 thoughts on “The Jose Family Trust Closed on a House today in Ronald, Washington!

  1. Doug, it is so good to see this post from you. And really exciting news about the house in Washington. Congratulations! Ben and I will be headed out to Seattle in the fall (late Sept/early October) for a week or so. Maybe we’ll see you all out there :))) I’m also really pleased that your team is able to help with your nutrition. It sounds encouraging! The Monday AM STAF crew misses you and we all send our well wishes.

    • I’m glad you’re keeping up with the blog. Yes, We may very well be out there in that time frame. Please keep us posted as you get dates nailed-down. We’d love to visit with you out there!

  2. Hi Doug…on the road in SC, heading for the sea kayaking symposium and our trip…Happy to to hear you have those future plans…and I know it will be great to be near your son…Hope to hear from you more often…keep me posted on your nutritional quest…always an excellent goal…


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