Another Up & Down Day

Today, my radiation oncologist was blown-away after I went from talking with her normally to being completely out of control in the span of 15 minutes! At last my doctors seem to understand that I need some serious pain meds to avoid being in agony 75% of the time!

I need to postpone my flight to St. Thomas, since I am not yet well-enough to travel tomorrow as originally hoped. I waited 90 minutes for an American Airlines agent to call me back. Then, as she was making the booking, I was disconnected! I’m still waiting for the call-back.

My son Brian arrived from Seattle yesterday. I’m going to have him take┬ácare of the rebookiing so I can go to sleep now, since its 10 PM here. More tomorrow, hopefully.

8 thoughts on “Another Up & Down Day

  1. I know what a joy it is to have your kids around..I”m sure you and Brian have much to talk about…Still sending good intentions and white light…enjoy your visit with Brian….Mariann

  2. Thanks; I’m on the mend (mostly).

    Note to readers: It appears that “W&.” is a TLA (three-letter acronym) for Wyandotte, my hometown! I’ve never seen that shortcut b4!

  3. Hey, the bright side here is you got your point across. The pain medication will undoubtedly help you enjoy a better quality of life.

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