The Agony, and the brief interludes of normalcy

Since noon last Friday, it’s been about 75% agony mixed-in with some interludes when I am perfectly fine.

Every two hours there’s a Challenge Match: How much food and drink can I choke down before I have to stop? On average, it’s taking about 90 minutes to get a glass of milk and a few ounces of food down. I’m hyper-ventilating most of the way, constantly on the verge of puking. When the esophagus flames-on, I have about 20 seconds to get something soothing in there before the nerve endings go berserk and a migraine explodes in my head; then I’m in total agony for at least an hour.

I’ve over-used my allotment of “magic mouthwash”; I can’t have any more, because it’s too hard on my heart. Have I mentioned Constipation Mondays? Never mind.

On the bright side, here’s a great shot of Natalie and Rick, who are patiently awaiting my arrival in St. Thomas:

Natalie and Rick2

Natalie and Rick at the XO Bistro – their favorite eating establishment!

All three of us are in transition to substantially-different lives than we have been leading heretofore! I expect we will all help each other figure out how best to approach the next chapter of our lives!

One more thing: In addition to having a sloop in the harbor, Rick has an RV in town as well! If I get sea-sick, we just jump in the RV and head-on down the road! Or maybe put it on the ferry to St. John!

But first, I need to get well-enough to travel. I believe I’m turning the corner on that (even though it feels more like a round-about at the moment).


2 thoughts on “The Agony, and the brief interludes of normalcy

  1. Hi Doug, I have been trying to post individual photos but to no avail…Looks like I’ve been in this Tech desert for 2 days searching for answers to my posting problem…So I’ll just resort to the ol’ fashion way of communicating: WORDS!…So here’s few: It looks like you will have an open water adventure under foot with that ‘sea fearing’ crew: Captain Rick looks like the Salty Dog he should resemble if he is going to take you on this epic journey…and Natalie could surely provide the “stand up” needed to eliminate “cabin fever”…( I looked up some of her comedy on line)…”Natalie, I think it’s time to find out who your real parents are (ha?..I hope)”. I always subscribed to the saying: “the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree” … but now I know that’s an absurd statement…–unless, of course, Doug and Jen are really not apple trees–“You are a very talented singer and comedian”…and with infrared vision, I see through some of the darkness…Anyway I’m off track here.

    Back to you, Doug: I heard a very moving comment by a writer who has been on many harrowing journeys and adventures in his life —mostly having to do with water (kayaking, in particular) and mountain climbing and
    skiing–been all over the world and on many spiritual quests—and found his Shaman in the furthest reaches of Siberia. He said to his audience of hopeful adventurers like him: “We can never escape pain…but suffering is a choice”… It stuck with me and, hopefully, it will with you…
    Sometimes, “You don’t always get what you want but you always get what you need.” …(could the “Stones” have been right?)


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