Qi Gong Saved me Yesterday! Last Treatment today!

It’s 6 a.m.  I just put-down a small quantity of the blueberry shake that Jen made for me last night; that took 45 minutes. I just took two Excedrin and am nibbling on some Colby cheese.

Here’s a more detailed description of what occurred about 2 p.m. yesterday as I was taking my chemo treatment:

I decided to try a few sips of Mountain Dew to get some caffeine on board (I can’t stomach coffee now – too acidic).
When that hit my stomach, bile started coming-up like crazy. I had to bend over a basket spitting bile time-after-time. My headache went through the roof. I started hyper-ventilating. The automatic blood-pressure check kicked-in: 196/92!
Then I puked for first time – after 27 radiation treatments and mix chemo treatments. Not much came up, because I hadn’t been able to eat much. I felt that the dry-heaves would start any second.
By sheer physical and mental will-power, I laid back on the easy-chair and began this simple Qi Gong breathing/visioning exercise:
Inhale: I slowly inhale, imagining that Qi energy from the vacuum beyond the far reaches of the universe is filling my lungs. As I do so, I imagine that the cells of my body expand to fill the entire universe, and are being bathed in the Qi energy coming toward me.
Exhale: I slowly exhale, imagining that the used Qi is returning to the vacuum, as my cells return to my body.
After a few minutes, another automatic blood-pressure check: 132/82! Out of danger!
A few minutes later, I fell asleep.

So: Thank You, John H., my Qi Gong mentor! John does not charge for his services, even though he is poor. He mentors about 100 people at any given time. I am the only one over 35. I am 66!

Doug with John

With John at Ault Park. His shirt reads: “What’s in your mind?”

Note: If I’m feeling well-enough later, I will post an update on how my last treatment went.

2 thoughts on “Qi Gong Saved me Yesterday! Last Treatment today!

  1. Some of my friends were sending good thoughts and prayers all day, also some from Eden Chapel UMC.
    Your thoughts and strategy might be helpful to others. What are your thoughts about sharing beyond your current circle?

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