I need your prayers and/or best intentions for me now!

I have been terribly sick the last few days, with today being the worst. I have lost nine pounds in nine days because I am unable to get much food or drink into my stomach. I have constant headaches; I am a wreck!

Just now I had a breakthrough: I was able to get some egg and milk to go down without making me sick. I believe in Qi energy, that our bio-electric energy fields are entangled with each other, and that you can help me through this from afar.

Tomorrow is my last radiation treatment (#28). The effects will linger for some time. Please help me to get healthy enough to make that trip to St. Thomas to see Natalie!


19 thoughts on “I need your prayers and/or best intentions for me now!

  1. You have my “best intentions” for your trip and all your future plans and wishes. Whatever part I played in hiring you at Bendix, it was the best part of my entire career while at Bendix

    • Dale changed our lives. He interviewed me in early 1976, and offered me a job at the Bendix Research Labs in the Detroit area. I was working at AC Spark Plug in Flint at the time. Jen and I decided we didn’t want to move to the Detroit area, so I turned the job done. Several months later, after Dale had relocated to the Newport News, Virginia automotive electronics plant, he called back and offered me a job there! We said “Hell, yes” and never looked back. AC was two square miles of offices and factories at the time. Within 25 years, it was two square miles of scrub grass.

  2. Positive thoughts and many prayers going out to you. Keep thinking about warm sun, sand and time with your daughter to get that strength back.

    • My ol’ Catholic friends know how to pray! I became an Alter Boy, even though I never attended a Catholic school. I’m still friends with my Alter-Boy partner, Don L. (aka “Slick”).

  3. I don’t know anything about Qi Energy but it sounds like something I already am on board with. I’ll get some friends to pray for your strength and healing.

    • Dale? See my explanation above. Three years later, that decision led to us getting the offer to move to Toulouse, France to start up Renix Eletronique (where you were conceived).

  4. dad!!!! is there a decent chance you will be too sick to come because i looked at a hobie double-seater kayak today!! with peddles! if you aren’t up to the trip, i’ll head home. your health is most important don’t forget.

    • It’s very unlikely that I’ll be able to come early. I’m still shooting to fly April 7th. I meet with both Oncologists April 6th (they both believe I should go if I’m well enough). It’s possible that I’ll need to postpone the trip a few days. But yes, it’s possible I’ll have to cancel it if I am too weak or too sick.

      RE: Kayaks: I want single-seaters, and no pedals! If they have a Greenland-syle paddle, I’ll take that.

    • Doug would love that…I met a guy on the beach once with of those and he let my friend and I go out to sea; We enventually returned…Only after our self-taught tacking lesson…My intention is that your dad will be the captain of this boat very soon.


  5. You say “To-MAY-to”…I say To-MAW-to…I say “CHI”…you say “Qi”…However you can get to Saint Thomas, I imagine one of those forms of energy will be your vehicle. I have some reserve Chi that I stored up from my recent trip in the woods…Im sending it your way..


    Hopefully you received it.

  6. Hmmm…Looks like my gift of “Chi”
    didn’t not disembark the last post … I am going to send it the more reliable way: via intentional thoughts…..Mariann

  7. I was fine this morning until 12:30; then was overwhelmed with nausea driving home. I’m back on track now. It’s day-to-day, hour-to-hour. Thanks for your intentions!

  8. Hi Doug, thinking of you and Jen lots! Your strength in spirit is so inspiring and I will see you as healthy and having this all behind you very soon. Blessings. Karen

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