My Punch List: Thanks You’s

With my healthy lifespan potentially a lot shorter than previously thought, people are telling me I need to get my “punch list” updated to make sure I do all those things I always wanted to do before health issues interfere!

Frankly, I’ve never had a punch list, and have always taken life as it comes. Nonetheless, Jen and I have had many great outdoor adventures the last few years, more so since we retired, and especially last year.

Since starting this blog, my very first creative writing project as a adult, I’ve started sharing it with some long-time friends that I’m not in touch with much anymore. With Terry, and friend of 50+ years, this has already been a richly rewarding experience. I’m filling-in missing pieces of my past, and reliving exciting episodes from my youth. That has caused me to “think outside the box” of conventional punch-lists.

So, here’s my punch-list idea: I’m going to try to remember all the people in my life that had a positive influence on my development, and thank them as best I can for their contributions to my life! I’ll keep most of them brief, but some will be longer in proportion to their importance as I perceive it today. I expect most will be¬†ordinary events that will have occurred in my readers’ lives. Look for my vignettes starting next time!

Health Update: I felt great all week. I had a great workout at the fitness center with my brother late Saturday afternoon. I played tennis this morning, but felt weak, fatigued and slightly faint by the second game. I forgot I had gotten chemo three days earlier, had a big workout the night before, had a slight cold, and that I got an hour less sleep than usual due to the time change. Duh! Nonetheless, I plowed ahead, and managed to play surprisingly-well! I got several lectures today about toning it down. After an hour’s nap, I was A-OK!

Brother Bill’s Visit: We had a great visit. He left Dad’s and Grandpa Jose’s war medals and other memorabilia:

Full Moon: I watched it rise above the housetops across the street from my front stoop. Awesome!



3 thoughts on “My Punch List: Thanks You’s

  1. Doug…I know about punch lists myself…I have “post its” all over my house as a reminder of my next big PUNCH: My favorites that I have punched out are my mortgage burning…my aliner purchase…so many wonderful trips especially, my most favorite adventure: My trip to Nova Scotia and Acadia with you and Jen. What a memory etched into the happy part of my brain….you and Jen gave that to me. It’s a gift that returns many unexpected smiles and hillarious story tellings; it’s a gift confirming your newest friends can be some of your fondest friends…those you would choose to hang out with if they lived closer. Sometimes, Time can be a stingy partner in life, but my hope is that time is aways available precisely when you need it the most.

    These are my thoughts inspired my yours….Mariann

  2. Your writing is wonderful. You are in many prayers from the downriver area (your old home town). God Bless You.

    From Doug: whoever sent this: Thank you! I’ve been thinking a lot the last few days about my friends from Wyandotte. I plan to remember everyone I can, starting with sixth grade and Mr. Johnson’s class. That’s the year I discovered girls!

    I’ve never gone to a class reunion. Hopefully, I’ll make the 50th next year.

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