Fun Car: This week marks 11 years that I’ve owned my Mini Cooper convertible! It’s been a blast to drive. I’ve put less than 34,000 miles on it in that time. I had the top down on Sunday; it was 67 degrees here. It still look great:


I’m a Mini Driver!

Health: Aside from a few hiccups, Week 2 was a breeze. My port is healed, so I worked-out last Wednesday, Friday and again yesterday.

Miami Group of Sierra Club: I announced my illness to the 50 or so people that attended our monthly meeting last night (on Madagascar). I expressed my pleasure with how much the club has meant to me over the past 10 years or so. I especially thanked Greg & Sandy Wood and Jay &  Kathy Freeman for giving me a much greater appreciation for nature, and for the many paddling and backpacking trips we’ve taken together. Note: I’ll add some photos when I get time.

Tennis: I played doubles tennis tonight for the first time since treatments began. I can honestly say that I’m playing the best tennis of my life now. I had a third “rolfing” session with Sharon Madden on Monday, and that again raised the level of my game to new heights. I recommend rolfing for anyone with chronic muscle tightness.





2 thoughts on “Celebrating!

  1. Hi Doug…just discovered the there is a place to comment if you scroll down far enough on the page…I always thought I was more investigative/curious than that…hmmm! my answer to my own query is: I must be living life in the ‘here and now’ like you…reading only what is there; not worrying if there is more than what is right before me…Okay I am projecting my thoughts on you, but I understand how far out of range your/my mind can wonder when your/my focus drifts beyond the here an now…

    I know what you are saying about life looking a little sweeter (you ARE saying that, aren’t you?). Sometimes hitting the pause button, can be very reflective; those times are sweetened by the smiles of cherished memories and the clarity of focus that dilates time…now, of course. you may not be saying any of that and I am only speaking from a compassionate heart that could only know what I would be feeling through a diagnosis of Cancer.

    I’m happy that you are not impeded by your treatment and are able to do those things you love…so you’re playing tennis the best you’ve ever played…I still don’t think Chemo and radiation would improve my game…

    Stay strong and positive…words from a medical professional


    • What a sweet and thoughtful message! The 2nd paragraph really hits home for me. Thanks for being my friend! What a wonderful adventure we had paddling Maine and Nova Scotia last year. I’m so glad we did it!
      Note to all: I just realized that comments are being sent to my old email address, which I’ve not been monitoring.
      I need to update my profile and do some catching-up!

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