A Bump in the Road

Yesterday morning I realized I had a bad constipation problem. It felt like I had a lacrosse ball stuck in my butt! Fortunately, I look Nurse Jenny’s advice, and got things moving again around noon today. I was also very tired yesterday. It seems I’m starting to lose my appetite as well.

This afternoon, Jen and I spent several hours trying to figure out how to get Humana to pay for an out-of-network surgeon, since there doesn’t seem to be anyone in-network qualified to do the special surgery I require. In the end, someone at Humana assured us that there is a simple process for getting that approved, so we’ve heaved a big sigh of relief (but will believe it when we see it).

My petition to Ivanka has creeped-up to 258 signatures. I sent out a tweet late last week, but it hasn’t had much effect. I’ll try one more, but I’m nearly out of ideas on how to move it along more.

Tomorrow will be radiation treatment #5, followed by a consultation with my radiation oncologist.

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