My son Brian is a massage therapist in Seattle. For about 10 years now, he’s rented a fairly-affordable room in Ballard from a woman my age. She was diagnosed with wide-spread Stage IV cancer less than a year ago. Brian called yesterday to say that Cheryl passed-away on Friday among family and friends. For her, it was a blessing, since there was no quality left in her life. For Brian and his girlfriend, the long ordeal of living with a terminally-ill housemate is over. However, they face new uncertainty in their lives, since they likely will have a hard time finding acceptable housing they can afford. Live is hard for Millennials.

My daughter Natalie is in St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands on a four-month sabbatical. She’s working three jobs and writing like crazy. Last night, she sang “Angie” as a tribute to Cheryl. You can view an excerpt here:

Natalie has lived in Chicago for more than 10 years. She quit her day job three years ago to devote herself to stand-up comedy. She performs almost every night. She formed a well-regarded Patsy Cline cover band about eight years ago. There’s not much money in either of those vocations, but she patches together a meager living with odd jobs. Here’s another video from last weekend; she’s apparently moving beyond Patsy:

I had my third radiation treatment on Friday. So far, the worst symptom I’m having is recurring bouts of hiccups. The area where they installed the port is also tender and sore, but getting better. I should start feeling effects of the radiation by next week. I’m told the symptoms will worsen until week four, and then gradually subside.

It appears that there is no surgeon in my HMO Network that is qualified to perform my surgery. I have strong guidance from Dr. Safdi on how to file an “expedited external appeal” to get Humana to agree to pay for an out-of-network surgeon. That process should start next week.

My petition to Ivanka appears to have stalled at close to 250 signatures. I need to figure out how to use Twitter to kick-up more action.


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