Treatment Begins…after Hassles

Yesterday I spent more than two hours on the phone trying to expedite approval of my treatment plan. Most of it was spent on hold with my insurance company, without getting much info other than a case number and word that my case had been sent to Clinical Review after failing to “meet clinical criteria.”

I eventually found out that meant that they preferred the less-expensive type of radiation, instead of the newer type that would protect my heart and liver from permanent damage. That might have taken several days (or longer) to resolve. Acting as my own “patient advocate”, I was able to get approval within 24 hours, thanks to some responsive people at Christ Hospital.

So, I was able to receive my first radiation treatment today at 3:15. Tomorrow I get a chemo “port” installed 5:30-8:30 a.m., a 2nd radiation treatment at 9:30, and my first chemo treatment at 10:30.

Meanwhile, my Petition to Ivanka is up to 196 signatures! Please consider supporting my effort to Save the Planet by spreading the word and/or spending $10 to “promote” the petition to 1,000 more like-minded people (I did again today). Note that so far, half the signatures are from people in Europe! Are Americans afraid to perturb Donald Trump? 



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