Serendipity? + Tennis

Serendipity: About three years ago, I was at a local park playing Frisbee with my dog Winnie, when I saw a man doing some sort of Tai Chi-type exercises nearby. I stopped to chat with him. He said he was doing Qi Gong, which Tai Chi is an offshoot of. I told him I was interested in that, and a new mentoring relationship began. He also incorporates ideas from the bible, quantum theory, and other sources. It has been a source of wonder to me ever since.

About a year ago, I saw a post in from a guy that hadn’t had any success meditating, and was looking for help with it. I offered to share my experiences, and we got together once. He seemed fascinated, but had declined follow-up, despite a couple reminders here and there – UNTIL YESTERDAY. Is that serendipity? Or something more? This time, I was in need.

We met yesterday for more than an hour, just talking and catching up on our lives. After two meetings, I know more about his inner world than just about anyone else on the planet! We met again this morning for an actual Qi Gong session. It went very well, and we both left refreshed and invigorated. If this is what my cancer is leading toward, I’m all-in.

Tennis: I had a second Rolfing session last Wednesday, focused on my lower legs and feet. Today I played the best tennis I’ve ever played, raising the high level that followed my first session. I highly recommend Rolfing to anyone. Basically, the therapist finds whatever is out of whack, and puts it back into whack! Heading into cancer treatment, I am in better shape than I have ever been!


4 thoughts on “Serendipity? + Tennis

  1. Thanks for all of these updates, Doug! Do you have your port yet? For me, this was a surgery. You will need it before Thursday, right?

    • Thanks, Lauren! Again, sorry for the delay approving it. Actually, I need to fix that; I didn’t intend to have to approve comments. It went to my old email address, so I’m just seeing it now.
      I had the port put in just before my 2nd radiation treatment and 1st chemo treatment: Thus the 11-hour day!

  2. I am catching up on your blog and I’m blown away by your experience so far. I am reading them in chronological order, so I apologize in advance if this reply ends up being weird.

    • How so? What were you going through at this stage? (Sorry, your comment to my old email address.I just fixed that.
      All: I set up this blog in 2010, I believe. I did not create my first post until this year!

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