Surprise! No Trip to Florida

Wednesday I had my second (of 10) “Rolfing” treatments, as suggested by my son the massage therapist. Since the first session, I have played better tennis than I have in years, perhaps better than ever. This session focused on the feet and lower legs. The therapist found numerous issues that she was able to correct; issues like these were never identified by the several massage therapists I’ve used over the years. If you’re having issues with your posture, muscles or joints, Google “Rolfing”.

Wednesday night, I had an excellent phone call with my Chemotherapy Oncologist. We discussed scheduling treatments around either a one or two-week vacation in Florida, depending on how soon the radiation folks would be ready. The latest estimate from them was that they needed 7-10 working days before treatment could begin.

Thursday I met with the Radiation Oncologist for the first time; she was very knowledgeable and thorough. Contrary to the expectations set by the Schedulers, she said treatment could begin in 2-3 business days. So, the Florida vacation is off! Radiation therapy will begin Tuesday or Wednesday. My first chemo treatment will be on Thursday.

Early-on, the scheduling of events was disjoint, and it was hard getting in touch with some of the people doing the scheduling. The only way to tell what was being scheduled when was by using, but some of the facilities used other systems instead. I realized after a while that I needed to take on the role of Project Manager for my case, since no one else seemed to be in charge. Frankly, it felt good to take an active role to ensure the schedules made sense and met my needs. Even though so far I’ve not sought any second opinions, already six doctors have been involved in one way or another, with surgeon(s) still to come!

How has all this affected me so far? Frankly, not much. The diagnosis was not expected, but did not put me into a panic or grip me with fear. I’m taking it as just another of life’s bumps in the road, and doing what I can to produce the best outcome. Neither am I “fighting” the cancer or “committed to beating it”. A good friend of mine believes “that which you resist, persists”. So, I’m doing the rights things, and am willing to live (or not) with whatever happens. Likely there are important life lessons to be learned along the way. Perhaps Alfie and I will discover “What’s it all about?”

Update on my petition to Ivanka Trump: 45 signatures so far. Please consider signing, and/or asking your friends to sign. This is the best method I can think of to get President Trump to stop denying that climate-change is real, and is caused by us burning fossil fuels!

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