Day 3: Test Results

11:30 am: Yesterday I met with my Primary Care Physician and had quite a few blood tests done; those all came back normal. Then I got CT scan of my chest and pelvis. I have an appointment to see an oncologist at 12:20 today.

Dr. Safdi called me about 6:15 last night with wonderful news: There’s no sign of cancer anywhere else! However, there are a few cysts in my liver; a PET scan should be able to confirm that they are non-cancerous as well.

The call came just before we were to leave for dinner at Nada downtown to celebrate my wife Jen’s 65th birthday. Her sister Cathie and husband Tad went as well. Needless to say, we had a much more relaxed and enjoyable dinner knowing that my prospects are much better than they might have been.

Status of my Petition to Ivanka: 24 signatures so far!

8 pm: Jen and I met with the oncologist. There is a standard protocol recommended for my situation: Simultaneous radiation and chemotherapy, both at fairly low dosages. We found out that radiation will be required every weekday for five weeks, with chemo once per week each of those weeks. Then there will be a few weeks of assessment and stabilization, followed by surgery to remove the (presumably smaller) tumor.

Next steps are to get a PET scan to confirm that there’s no cancer in the liver, meet with a radiologist, and get a “port” installed (to be used to put chemo into my bloodstream). Hopefully, those things will get done sometime next week.

So far, I’m dealing with all this pretty well, as is Jen. Life has it’s ups and downs; you roll with the punches. You do the best you can. You try to beat the odds. Tomorrow, I intend to tell you about last year, which was perhaps our best year ever!

Status of my Petition to Ivanka: 31 signatures so far! Note: I paid $10 today to “promote” my petition to 1,000 subscribers supposedly interested in my idea.

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